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The Pittsburgh Electronic Musicians will perform on the patio (facing Bigelow) of the WPU on Friday evening, starting at 5:30. Graduating senior Sachem Orenda, who is one of PEM's main instigators, will be a featured performer. The show, as you would expect, is free, so be sure to drop by.
Musicology graduate student Elizabeth Hoover's paper "The Archaeology of Musical Narrative: Indeterminate Music as Discursive Formation" is one of four papers selected for the City University of New York's Graduate Center symposium Representing Music—or—Music Representing. The symposium takes place April 25, and will be moderated by the distinguished musicologist Leo Treitler.
Abstract The Archaeology of Musical Narrative: Indeterminate Music as Discursive Formation All too often in teaching the history of Western Art Music the term “story” is employed to relate musical narratives to students.  According to literary theorist, Jonathan Culler, however, “the theory of narrative...
Doctoral candidate James Ogburn and Federico Garcia (PhD 2006) will have compositions performed by the American Composers Orchestra at the ACO/Penn Reading Sessions and Lab in Philadelphia on April 16-17. Both Ogburn and Garcia are founding members of Alia Musica Pittsburgh, for which Garcia serves as Artistic Director, and each has amassed significant professional and scholarly achievements in recent years and months.
Bellefield Hall Auditorium, free Performances by the Department of Music's outstanding undrgraduates. Featuring music by Bruch, Brahms, Beethoven, and Chopin. Performed by Violinist Danielle Rager, cellist Elizabeth Cook, pianists Brian Hu, Qui Dong Chen, and Katie Farris. Update: Also on the program are Sachem Orenda and and a jazz quintet made up of Mike Robinson (Tenor Sax), Brandon Hang (Trombone), Anthony Joseph (Bass), Jim Holman (piano), and Eric Downs (drums).
Spring Music Monday, March 30, 2009 at  8:00 pm Bellefield Hall Auditorium free admission music  by Béla Bartók, Max Bruch, Frederic Chopin, W.A. Mozart, Maurice Ravel, Domenico Scarlatti, Eli Tamar, Ralph Vaughan Williams performed by Ian Chow - violin, Will Gardella - clarinet, Matt Gillespie - piano, Regina Kettering - piano, Danielle Rager – violin, Andrej Savol -  piano, Jennifer Sternick - violin, Roger Zahab - violin, Shuo Zhang – piano, and the University Handbell Ensemble
I was thinking of having a recital, but as it turns out, most of what I would do if I had one, I’ll already be doing in an event this Thursday! Pitt’s own Colter Harper, Carlos Peña and Geña will be among the performers that evening. I hope you’ll grace us with your presence. Peace, my friends! María Eugenia Nieves Escoriaza aka Geña Benefit for Bangladesh Your Inner Vagabond Thursday, April 2, 2009, 7 p.m. Admission: Students $7 Non-students $10 Children under 10: free Cause: This event is a benefit for improving the quality of education in rural Bangladesh. We are currently working with a school in Sherpur village located approx. 100 miles north of the capital Dhaka. We are raising funds to build a library, provide teacher training, support the students financially...
Sophomore Kaitlin Mitchell performs Schumann's Piano Concerto with Pitts Orchestra tonight. Here are her thoughts about her experience with the piece.
The University of Pittsburgh' s School of Arts and Sciences will present its annual Grad Expo on Monday, March 16th at the William Pitt Union. The day will feature talks by Department of Music grad students Elizabeth Hoover, Ryan Durkopp, Colter Harper, Benjamin Breuer, James Ogburn, Kerrith Livengood, Karoline Bahrs, and Lisa Bona. A complete schedule for the Grad Expo and a list of topics can be found here. We hope to see you there!
Graduate composer Mark Fromm's composition Geode will be read during the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's student reading sessions. PSO Composer of the Year John Adams selected Fromm's work along with works by student composers from Duquesne, CMU, and West Virginia University. The works will be conducted by John Adams and Ed Cumming and Adams will give each composer feedback. Mark Fromm describes Geode as,
pachter_large.jpg Ethnomusicology graduate student Ben Pachter will give a lecture on Japanese group taiko drumming titled "Big Drum, Small World" as part of Pitt's Outside the Classroom Curriculum. Pachter's talk is sponsored by Asian Studies Center and takes place at Monday, March 2 at 6 p.m. in 4130 Posvar Hall.

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