Reviews of Zahab's Akron Chronogram

Roger Zahab’s Akron Chronogram, a multimedia work commissioned by the Akron Symphony Orchestra, received glowing reviews in both the Akron Beacon Journal and

Kerry Clawson of the Akron Beacon Journal wrote,

“Throughout the quickly shifting, 22-minute score, Zahab included mysterious chimes and multiple surprises, including having the musicians stomp their feet rhythmically. Among the most beautiful moments was cellist Michael DeBruyn’s solo, paired with an image of a white moon against a black sky.”

E.J. Thomas Hall of wrote,

“On first hearing, the score delivered a fascinating web of musical textures — a kind of highly tuneful concerto for orchestra with fluent and confident orchestration — out of which fully-formed (or hints of) themes from the symphonic literature suddenly emerged like fish jumping above the surface of a pond.”

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