The Peace: Nizan Leibovich's New Opera

Scenes from Composition and Theory PhD candidate Nizan Leibovich’s opera The Peace will be presented as part of Vertical Player Repertory’s Celebration of National Opera Week. VPR commissioned Leibovich and librettist Isidore Elias to create The Peace for its In the Works development series. Act I of the work in progress will be presented in Brooklyn on October 28 and November 4 as a staged reading.

Leibovich and Elias’ new work is based on Aristophanes’ social satire, Peace, and tells of the Athenian farmer Trygaeus, who journeys up to Mount Olympus on a flying dung beetle to petition the gods to end the war. When he gets there, he finds that they are sick and tired of humanity, and have all gone away, leaving Ares, the god of war, in charge, with Hermes to clean up the mess.

Nizan Leibovich enjoys a multifaceted career as both a composer and conductor. His various solo, chamber, choral and symphonic works have been played in the US, Europe and Israel. He has also collaborated with artists from different mediums such as theatre and dance. His full-length ballet The Snow Queen was commissioned and performed by the Playhouse Dance Company in Pittsburgh. Other recent commissions include pieces for the Israel Contemporary Players, The Bern University Orchestra, IonSound Project, and Flexible Music (NYC).

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