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132 Music Building, free Reception to follow

132 Music Building, free Reception to foll0w "A Maiden, a Shepherdess, and a Queen: The Parisian Assumption Vespers Services and Two Thirteenth-Century Motets"
The Birth of Musicology Out of the Spirit of Biology: Guido Adler’s Methodological Commitments Viewed Through the Spectacles of 19th-Century Evolutionary Theories 132 Music Building, free Reception to follow Guido Adler’s proposition for a musicological method in the famous article “Umfang, Methode, und Ziel der Musikwissenschaft” (1885) amounts to the first clear definition of the type of German/Austrian academic music research—the “science of music”—that has left an imprint on our own research habits. In the creation of what was then virtually a new academic field, he drew on art history, contemporary philosophy, older music research traditions, and many other sources. For the establishment of...


Bach and the Baroque Series Finale Don Franklin, director

J.S. Bach’s Christmas Oratorio Heinz Chapel Presented in collaboration with the Renaissance and Baroque Society of Pittsburgh. For tickets, visit or call (412) 361-2048

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