Lwanga Receives Fulbright Award

Charles Lwanga

Charles Lwanga, a Fulbright scholar studying composition and theory in the Department of Music, received a first place certificate of achievement for his contributions to the Fulbright Enrichment Seminar titled Global Challenges, Local Solutions: Fostering Change through Social Entrepreneurship. The seminar took place from the April 29–May 2 in Washington, DC.

Participants in the seminar were divided into eight groups of about 10–15 and tasked with developing a sustainable social entrepreneurship venture. Lwanga’s group developed a venture based in Guinea in which illiterate grain farmers would be educated in return for giving their grain to the entrepreneurs. The grain would then to be kept and sold back to the farmers themselves during a time when it is needed but scarce on the market. According to Lwanga,

“The project would only require hiring teachers and classroom facilities. The cycle would in return be beneficial to both the farmers who are to achieve literacy, as well as the entrepreneurs who are to gain profit when the grain is sold back to the farmers themselves.”

Lwanga’s success in the Fulbright seminar reflects an intellectual breadth that will serve him well as he pursues his work as a composer and theorist.