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Indra Ridwan’s Research Featured in Indonesian Media

Indra discussing his dissertation at the office of Pikiran Rakyat in Bandung West Java on September 29, 2015. Respondents included (left to right): Abdullah Mustapa, former editor of Sundanese language magazine Mangle (in blue shirt); Aam Amalia, a senior journalist (with pink head scarf), Adji Esa Poetra, a music expert (with white hat), and Eddy D. Iskandar, a music and theater critic (in black shirt). Also contributing, but not shown, was Laila Rafianti, a law scholar from the University of Padjadjaran, to talk about popular music and copyright in Indonesia.

On September 29, 2015, Indra Ridwan (PhD 2014) published an article about his dissertation research in Pikiran Rakyat (“Thoughts of the People”), the most widely circulated daily newspaper in West Java, Indonesia. In this article, Indra discussed Sundanese popular music of West Java (called pop Sunda), particularly the role of the arranger and arrangements. Click here to access the article:  

In the article, Indra emphasized the significant role of pop Sunda arrangers in (1) adapting music from other genres; and (2) preserving and re-popularizing traditional Sundanese music elements in popular music. By modernizing music, arrangers bring Sundanese music to a new generation. However, compared to composers and singers, arrangers rarely receive credit or royalties for their musical labor. 

Indra presented his ideas at a public forum held on the article's date of publication at the newspaper’s office.  Distinguished scholars from the fields of music, theater, journalism, and law were invited to respond to Indra’s ideas. Congratulations, Indra!

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