Graduates and Award Recipients

The Department of Music is pleased to announce our recent graduates and award recipients for the 2010–11 academic year. Below is a complete list of graduates and awardees. Congratulations to all!

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

Bleakley, Jacqueline E.: Music

Hye-Ree Choi: Music

Nicholas A. Emmanuel: Music

Kathryn Mary Farris: Music and Molecular Biology

Shana Elizabeth Fowler: Music and Sociology

Patrick A. Gillie: Music and English Writing

Kevin Mason Hrebinko: Music

Sean M Malloy: Music, Spanish, Math

Justin Michael Morrissey: Music

Peter L. Morsillo: Music and Neuroscience

Maria C. Parker: Music and Psychology

Kathryn Louise Zoerb: Music and Theatre Arts


Master of Arts

Aaron Brooks

Ali Decker

Da Lin

Indra Ridwan


Doctor of Philosophy

Benjamin Breuer

Chuck Corey

Oyebade Dosunmu

Colter Harper

David Matthews

Brandi Neal

Yoko Suzuki

Nemesio Valle


Undergraduate Music Dept. Scholarship Winners For 2011–12


Anita J. Curka Scholarship -  $7,600 Available

$1,900   Zachary Demby  ’12 – Piano - Music & Math

$1,900   Angelina Magreni  ’12 – Voice, Piano –Music & Pre-Med

$1,900   Stephanie Mangold  ’12 –Voice - Music & Biological Sciences

$1,900   Meghan Matscherz  ’12 Or ’13 –Voice –Music & History


Mildred Posvar Scholarship -  $7,300 Available

$2,000   Andrew Gidley ’11 — Voice: Chinese Minor

$2,000   Jonathan Heins  ’12 — Trombone: Music  and Philosophy

$3,300   Dillon Haas  ’12 — Voice, Piano, Guitar: Music  and Neuroscience


Alfred d’Auberge Scholarship -  $1,800 Available

$500  Harry Jamison  ’12 — Piano: Music and Mathematics

$400  Yingzhen Han  ’12-’13 — Clarinet: Music and Accounting

$400  Charles Rieger  ’12 — Piano, Sax

$500  Trent Cunningham  ’11 (DEC) — Guitar: Music and Philosophy


Gerlowski Scholarship -  $395 Available

$395 Nathan Poloni  ’13 — Violin: Music & Psychology


Graduate Student Awards And Honors, 2011–12


Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellowship

Ben Harris, Matt Heap, Ben Pachter, Ryan Durkopp


Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship In Chinese Studies

Meng Ren


Foreign Language And Area Studies (Flas) Fellowship

Stephen Hager


Nationality Rooms Scholarship: Austrian Room Committee Scholarship

Jeremy Woodruff


Nationality Rooms Scholarship: African Heritage Classroom Committee Scholarship

Stephen Hager


Outstanding Paper Award, 11th Annual Grad Expo, University Of Pittsburgh College Of Arts And Sciences

Meng Ren


Arts And Sciences Graduate Fellowship

Jonathan Shold, Kaitlyn Myers, Matt Aelmore


Arts & Sciences Summer Fellowship Awards

Nathan Frink, Jonghee Kang, Jungwon Kim, Brandon Masterman, Ben Mcbrayer, Meng Ren, Indra Ridwan, Charles Lwanga


Teachng Assistant Mentor Program

Matt Heap