Glee Club Returns from Italian Tour

The Pitt Men's Glee Club returned safely to the U.S. on May 10th after a highly successful tour of Italy, including stops in Rome, Florence, Bologna, Assisi and many other locales. Glee Club members have published an extensive blog about their tour filled with vivid descriptions and wonderful photos. Summarizing the tour they write,

"Our 125th Anniversary Tour has been irreplaceable, filled with experiences turned memories which span the spectrum of tears to laughs, and everything in between. Each of the places we had the opportunity of experiencing, all of the people we had the good fortune of meeting, and every bit of knowledge we have gained along the way (culturally, vocally, musically, personally, and so much more) has strengthened the group, individually and collectively."

We encourage you to read the entire tour blog and share in the excitement! Congratulations to The Men's Glee Club and director Richard Teaster for capping off an exciting 125th Anniversary year with so much energy and musicality.