Geri Allen featured in City Paper

The 43rd Annual Jazz Seminar culminates on Saturday night when Geri Allen leads an all-star lineup  at Carnegie Music Hall. The Pittsburgh City Paper recently ran a profile of Allen and the Jazz Seminar. In the interview, Allen recounts her time at Pitt, being mentored by Nathan Davis, and what makes the Jazz Seminar and Concert unique.

"I feel I was [coming to Pitt] at the tail end of an era when musicians still learned in the traditional way — from their mentors," Allen explained in an email. "The schools today are focusing more on mentorship and I see a shift happening in that regard. Nathan Davis is my mentor, and he has supported my academic and performance career as a teaching assistant here at Pitt, and throughout my journey as a professional musician/scholar."

The seminar and concert are highly regarded because of their "marriage of the performance and academic aspects of the art form," she says. "Dr. Davis created an innovative prototype for jazz in the academy, which connects university and grassroots community together in a spirit of meaningful exchange."

Read the complete interview with Geri Allen.