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The City Paper features the music department's new Assistant professor in ethnomusicology Adriana Helbig  in this week's edition.
Asian Studies Center's presentation of Jero is sold out, but ethnomusicology grad student Yuko Eguchi will be at the concert and will report back on this blog. Yuko relates her own encounter with the Jero phenomenon phenomenon below.
withrhomairama.jpg Andrew Weintraub with Rhoma Irama, The King of Dangdut, who will perform at Pitt on October 11. Andrew Weintraub (Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology) has been awarded a 2008 Global Academic Partnership grant by the University Center for International Studies (UCIS) to organize an interdisciplinary international conference on Islam and Popular Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia. The conference will be held at the...
rhoma_irama.jpg Legendary Dangdut musician Rhoma Irama and his band Soneta perform at Bellefield Hall. Pittsburgh's own Dangdut Cowboys will open for Rhoma Irama and Soneta. Bellefield Hall Auditorium, free Co-sponsored by UCIS, CERIS, School of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Music. PRESS RELEASE In conjunction with the international conference on Islam and Popular Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia, Rhoma Irama and his 10-piece band Soneta will perform a concert in Bellefield Auditorium on October 11 at 8pm. Musician, composer, record...
pamde08_3.JPG The Pitt African Music and Dance Ensemble was on hiatus last fall and gave an open house this semester rather than a full-fledged concert, but what a night it was. Sister Marie Agatha Ozah (who recently completed her PhD in ethnomusicology), directed the ensemble and got the audience involved in a big way.
ritatila.JPG This year's Gamelan Ensemble concert covered a wide range of Indonesian music, from traditional gamelan to Indonesian pop. The above photo shows singer and instrumentalist Rita Tila performing on the kacapi (zither). In the background Samantha Swami plays the peking. duet_gamelan.JPG Composer Nano S. (playing the suling) and Rita Tila perform a duet with the Gamelan...

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