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gamelan_pso.jpg Professor Andrew Weintraub leads the University Gamelan in a concert at Heinz Hall as Resident Conductor Daniel Meyer and the PSO look on. On December 9–12 Pitt's Gamelan Ensemble, directed by Professor Andrew Weintraub and Pitt graduate student Indra Ridwan, joined the Pittsburgh Symphony at Heinz Hall where busloads of fourth graders had the opportunity to explore the cultures and traditions of Asia through music. Gamelan Ensemble performances were interspersed with the PSO's presentations of Dialogue of the Wind and Sea from Debussy's La Mer, The Chinese...
309, Bellefield Hall, free Drawing from ethnographic fieldwork in Japan and the United States throughout the 1990s, this paper will describe an electronic music genre called Noise within the transpacific loops of its circulation during this period. I describe Noise as part of a technological production of "feedback" that transforms the circulation of popular music through the subjective emplacements of its listeners. When we tune into feedback, we move our models of musical culture away from narratives of national identities, youth subcultures or local music scenes, stressing instead the sonic experiences of circulation as they are interpreted by its myriad subjects. Feedback experiments with the possibilities of selfhood in the...
William Pitt Union-Dining Room A echoes.jpg Featuring lectures by ( pictured L-R) Ingrid Furniss, Bell Yung, Bo Lawergren, and a recital by harpist and kugo player Tomoko Sugawara. Co-sponsored by the Asian Studies Center and the Music Department
132, Music Building, free Reception to follow Update: This event has been moved from Feb. 6 to Feb. 13. Abstract: Dramatic new developments in population genetics, genetic anthropology and archaeology suggest that our earliest fully "modern" ancestors originated in Africa between 150,000 and 200,000 years ago, and that a small band migrated from that continent to Asia between 90,000 and 60,000 years ago, destined to populate the rest of the world with its descendants. This, the so-called "Out-of-Africa" paradigm, has opened the door to all sorts of new possibilities for research on human culture during a period that is increasingly being referred to as "deep history." Drawing on experience gained during my...
gamelan.jpg University of Pittsburgh Gamelan Andrew Weintraub, Director Indra Ridwan, Instructor Please join the Gamelan Ensemble for an hour of music played by this semester’s students. 4–5 p.m., Bellefield Hall Room 309 A
Join our new Carpathian Music Ensemble at their open house for regional food, singing and dancing! Adrianna Helbig (Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology) is the founder and director of the ensemble.

Tuesday, December 2, from 5–7 p.m. Bellefield Hall Room 423 (aka Lou Little Gym—go all the way to the fourth floor, to the back of the building, through the glass doors , turn right, and follow your ears!)

The City Paper features the music department's new Assistant professor in ethnomusicology Adriana Helbig  in this week's edition.

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