Eguchi, Hoover, and Pachter in 2010 Grad Expo

Music department graduate students Yuko Eguchi, Elizabeth Hoover, and Ben Pachter will participate in Pitt's annual Grad Expo which will take place at the William Pitt Union on March 22. The Grad Expo is day-long event designed to give grad students experience in presenting their research and providing them with much needed feedback. Each Paper Session will address broad themes in an interdisciplinary way.

Elizabeth Hoover's paper “Between Sound and Image: Discovering Deleuze's Affection-Image in the Interstitial Spaces of Godard's Armide” will take place in a session devoted to Reading Different Kinds of Texts (9:30 a.m., Paper Session 1a, Room 527).

Benjamin Pachter will give his paper “Finding Japan in Kumidaiko: Identity Politics and Representations within a "Modern" Performance Art” in a session addressing Media Forms and Cultural Politics (1:30 p.m., Paper Session 3b, Room 539)

Yuko Eguchi will present her paper on “The Art of the Geisha: Constructing Feminine Identity and Social Class” during a session on Gender Issues in Literature, Theater, and Music (3:15, Paper Session 4c, Room 548)

The complete schedule of Grad Expo events can be found here.